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“If you where one of the owners of
Southampton Black Cabs how
would you improve the company?”

Southampton Black Cabs opens the door to family and friends to become owners in the company

Owners of Southampton Black Cabs are able to utilize all the tax benefits of business ownership. Your weekly income will grow as we add more family owners, more vehicles and locations. What we do is not rocket science. Southampton Black Cabs (SBC) focuses on transporting our clients better than our competitors utilizing the Jetblue and FedEx transportation models.

Opening new stores in great locations

Strategic placement of store / branch locations allows Southampton Black Cabs to attract new clients and provide extended services to our current client base, increasing our reputation and revenue at every turn.

We are positioned to open a new store / branch within 30days.


Our online website allows us to make sales 24 hours everyday. Our European online booking double each year.

Every Day

Be apart of an amazing team effort everyday.
Sharing the journey of a lifetime.

Together we build our (yours and mine) company every minute of everyday and have one heck-of-a-time doing it.

Achieving our goals

Together we will grow Southampton Black Cabs in towns with profitable seasonal demand (ie. Southampton, Easthampton, etc.) and metro areas with daily high private transportation demand (White Plains New York, Charlotte, North Carolina, etc.

SBC has high industry operating standards and quality control of our product to a sure client satifaction.

Our advantage

Better people, better training/certifications, better equipment, better marketing, family loyalty, great friends. With each new owner SBC gets closer to becoming a national brand with substantial revenue.

A management team with a long history of success working together

When you become an owner of SBC you join seasoned business people with real world experience. Together we will use our first hand knowledge to guide Southampton Black Cabs.

Revenue Focus

Adding more owners which will allow SBC to expand our brand into profitable locations and leverage the wealth of life and business experience of our family members and friends.

Transportation is key to everyday success in the U.S.A.

Quality transportation is worth its weight in gold when its your family or friends onboard to the airport or around town. This is why some of the world’s most well-know individuals and companies are our client;
Netjets (Berkshire Hathaway/ Warren Buffet) and National Golf Course, Southampton

Great teams and companies are built on strong relationships

Knowing a person for a lifetime is as good as it gets. We have gone the extra mile for each other since we can remember. Now we are smarter, worldlier and know what success truly feels and looks like. By becoming an owner we look for you to apply what you have learned to make the lives of our family and friends better.

How to become an owner of Southampton Black Cabs

Give me a call. It going to be a great 2015.

Letcher O. Johnson
Southampton Black Cabs
‘A better way to travel’
(631) 283-1713


Southampton visitors and residents traveling to or from JFK, LaGuardia or Islip airport Southampton Black Cabs is ‘A better way to travel.’ With service 24hours daily 365 days a year.

Southampton Black Cabs / White Plains

Opening December 1, 2014

Open Drivers positions.

‘A better way to travel.’

Office: (631) 283-1713

E-Mail: reservations@southamptonblackcabs.com

Southampton Black Cabs / North Fork

Open Drivers positions.

‘A better way to travel.’

Office: (631) 283-1713

E-Mail: reservations@southamptonblackcabs.com

Southampton Black Cabs / Hamptons

Open Drivers positions.

‘A better way to travel.’

Office: (631) 283-1713

E-Mail: reservations@southamptonblackcabs.com

Payment Policy

1. Southampton Black Cab’s preferred method of payment is cash/ United States of America notes($ / dollars) or Great Britain, UK notes (£ / pounds, airport reservations only).

2. Bank transfer

3. Corporate Check; made payable to ‘Southampton Black Cabs’

PDF company receipt will be e-mailed at the time of pick-up. 100% secure and 0% interest.

Southampton Black Cabs is the parent company of:

The Hampton Courier Company


Now Pay by Pounds / £’s

Welcome to blackcabs.us your Hamptons ground transportation professionals. Explore the very best of the Hamptons in safety, comfort and style.

European clients can now pay for airport trips in British Pounds for your convenience.

Popular Services

Wedding, Bachelorette Weekend, Company Event, Polo Saturday’s, Super Saturday, Benefits, Openings, Southampton Great Gatsby Tour, Golf Days, Holiday Weekends, Wine Tastings, Parrish Art, Hampton Classic

Booking early is always the best way to go.

Bookings and Reservations

Daily around town travel requirements should be booked one hour in advance. Airport travel requirements should be booked 24 hours in advance, emergency service is available. You can also book online by selecting the Reservations button

Call (631) 283-1713

The Hampton Courier Company

The Hampton Courier Company always at-the-ready to deliver sensitive documents to NYC, Los Angeles and London.

Call (631) 283-1713



At Black Cabs we are building the world’s best transportation company, and a winning brand based on delivering value, service, style and comfort to our customers. Hiring people who share our vision and work ethic, we’ve created a place where people enjoy coming to work.

Southampton Black Cabs is a livery cab service. We collect our passengers only by reservation for both client and driver safety.

SBC drivers are dedicated to being the best in the world. They are not the typical cab, limo, taxi driver. All SBC drivers have other primary careers / professions: real estate agents, teachers, physical instructors, writers and architects, etc. This adds to the uniqueness of SBC.

SBC are modeled after the Traditional London Taxis (black cabs). Also known as the London Black Cabs. These vehicles and their drivers have earned the reputation for providing the best taxi service in the world.

Southampton Black Cabs is the parent company of The Hampton Courier Company.




Virgin Atlantic

American Airlines

Charter Flights:


Fly the Whale



Travel Agencies:

Cook Travel

Commuter Coach Service – Hamptons-NYC:

Hampton Jitney

Hampton Luxury Liner


Head Office:

Telephone: (631) 283-1713



Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 716

Southampton, New York 11969

Daily Service:

Open 6:30 AM to 12:00 AM

Closed 12:01 AM to 6:29 AM

24hours EMS and pre-arranged reservations

Emergency Contact:

(914) 645-3286